We love how you’ve transformed a 1950s bungalow into a Palm Springs inspired oasis. Can you tell us a little about the design direction for the exterior and outdoor dining space?

Thank you! The design direction for the exterior and outdoor dining space was inspired by the mid-century modern aesthetic of Palm Springs. We focused on clean lines, a neutral color palette with pops of accent colour our objective was to create a retro yet timeless look.

The outdoor dining area features gorgeous furniture, and strategically placed lighting to enhance the ambiance. The goal was to create a relaxing, stylish space that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living.

A key feature of our design is the cactus garden. It adds a distinctive desert feel and requires minimal maintenance, which is ideal for the busy homeowners. The various types of cacti and succulents create an interesting and textured landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making it a standout feature of the outdoor space.


How did functionality play into your decision to zone your outdoor space as dining vs. lounging?

Absolutely, functionality played a crucial role in our decision to zone the outdoor space for dining versus lounging, especially given the limited dining space inside. Living in Western Australia where the weather is really pleasant most of the year, we prioritize outdoor living. Creating a dedicated dining area outside allows us to make the most of our lifestyle, which revolves around eating outdoors. This zoning helps us maximise our space efficiently, ensuring we have a comfortable and functional area for enjoying meals with family and friends.

You opted for the Canyelles Extendable Outdoor Table and Saconca Chair. Why were they the perfect choices to complement your vision?

We chose the Canyelles extendable outdoor table and Saconca chair because they perfectly complement our Palm Springs inspired home. The extendable table offers versatility, allowing the space to adapt easily for intimate dinners or larger gatherings, making it a practical and stylish addition to the outdoor dining area.

The Sacona chairs, with their muted green color, match beautifully with the accent colors we used both inside and outside the home. This continuity of color creates a cohesive look and reinforces the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The green chairs also compliment with the natural surroundings and the cactus garden, enhancing the overall aesthetic of our design.


The landscaping brings to life the feeling of a modern Californian paradise. How did you plan all the elements from the material selection to plant choices?

Our goal was to design a space that looks amazing while focusing primarily on low-maintenance upkeep. The outdoor pavers, in a neutral color, help to accentuate the vibrant hues of the plants. We strategically placed white rocks among the cactus garden to further enhance this effect, making the plants really stand out. The selection of cacti, along with ornamental grasses and succulents, was chosen for their drought tolerance and minimal upkeep requirements, ensuring the garden remains beautiful with minimal effort.


We love seeing all the Kave Home pieces inside your home. How did you ensure cohesion when designing and styling outdoor spaces with the interiors?

Creating cohesion between your outdoor and indoor spaces is crucial for making your home feel complete. We accomplished this through consistent themes, colour schemes and materials. Accent colors that featured inside also appeared outside, similarly with out material choices. It's always important to create ‘flow’ between spaces ensuring that the outdoor and indoor areas complement each other visually.


The home has huge appeal for modern entertaining, was this a purposeful design choice?

The home has huge appeal for modern entertaining. During the design process, we had a clear vision of creating a great entertaining space, which I believe was a key part of its appeal and one of the reasons why the property sold so quickly. It's been incredibly rewarding to see our vision come to life and to hear such positive feedback from the new owners.

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11 Jun 2024, 10:19 a.m.