Trends come and go. Don’t get taken by surprise, take the first step! Go ahead and be the first to own the very latest in design and decoration. Is this hard for you to believe? Read on and you will see. But shhh …, this is top secret, and we want only you to know about it.

Who said that minimalism had to be cold?

Completely the opposite. Taking the best from the Nordic style, we take it one step further. And functional furniture can also have character, and a lot of it! The Milian extendible table and chairs have an ash colour finish that perfectly matches their simple lines. Don’t they make you feel at home?

Marble is moving to the dark side

And it looks good. Marble is one of the materials that stays at the top, but with a new look. Take a look at the Kierman vase. Black and grey mis with white, creating different water marks on each piece, and it is made of a natural material. Would you like a trendy design piece that only you have? Congratulations, you have found it and it will be yours exclusively.

The colour of the millennium: everything in pink

Yes, we are talking about millennium pink. Even the worldwide big brands have fallen in love with this soft pink. What if we turn it up a notch? The trend is eco. The Drummond vases are made from recycled glass and tinted in this top colour. Pink also thinks green.

Natural like a house itself

Life exists beyond the balcony. And your interior spaces are the ideal place. Surround yourself with nature in your house with indoor plants. The Amenna vases, as well as being original, are available in different sizes so that your plants always have enough room. And, if you don’t have time to look after them, no problem! In our vast Zelena collection you will find ornamental plants of your choice.

Now it’s time. Your house is ready to stop being trendy and be the trend.

9 Jul 2020, 10:22 p.m.