We all have small spaces that we want to look bigger. Take the opportunity to make them bigger with mirrors that provide light and life to our rooms. Different natural materials, which are fresh, lightweight and practical, along with different geometrical shapes, convey to us that summer is not yet over.  And we love them!

100% handmade

Mirrors are without doubt the best option for making you feel like you are in a large room when you are actually in a small space. A sun-shaped mirror, like the Marelli, next to a window is perfect and, above all, is fun. The light that enters from outside and reflects on to the mirror is ideal for filling space, providing a lot of light. The Marelli mirror is handmade, made of rattan with a natural finish and, of course, it is treated. Rattan is a perfect material for decoration as it conveys a lot of calm. As we know how much you love the colour black, we also have a similar piece in this colour. Mirrors look good on many walls of your home. We recommend putting them in the bedroom, living room, office, or wherever you prefer.

Always natural

You can combine the Marelli mirror with another like the Louisa mirror. Handmade and rattan with a natural finish that will fill a space with a lot of design. Do you remember the Samantha chair that we showed you in the “welcome to summer” post? This is the perfect mix & match to combine in the bedroom as both, the Louisa mirror and Samantha chair, are natural coloured. One of things we love the most is being able to enjoy the pieces that we used outside and bring them inside. Here’s some advice; invest in pieces that have more than one use. Get yourself one!

Colours are important

We know that the colour of the wall greatly influences the space of rooms. Soft and light colours like pastel tones convey a lot of peace. Colours such as white, grey, cream and beige are also ideal to enlarge these spaces.

Eyes that see everything

Pastel colours may seem too bland for a wall, but why don’t you pair them with fun mirrors like the Maela? They are shaped like an eye, so combine them how you want and prefer. Handmade and rattan pieces. As you already know, we really like rattan. If you are one of those who, instead of adding that fun touch, prefer a simpler mirror with a lot of design, the Maeve mirror is perfect for you and whoever you wish to share it with. Place them on any wall that needs a touch of Kave Home, whether this is in the bedroom, living room or office.

Now you know, it's your turn, so get to work. It really is as simple as dressing the walls with mirrors like those we have at Kave Home. We always look for the quality of materials and variety of colours.

9 Jul 2020, 10:28 p.m.