Velvet, the trending fabric of 2017... and it’s not going anywhere. 2018 is also set to be the year of velvet and, sooner or later, you’ll succumb to its charms.


T-shirts, shoes, armchairs or cushions, velvet continues to gain ground. It’s become the must-have material, surpassing even the most natural fabrics. It brings us back to basics with its vivid and intense colours. What’s more, this year we’re seeing it on armchairs, chairs, poufs, blankets and cushions, among many other pieces. 1


Green is back! This fabric won’t stop surprising us. Go back to nature with this year’s colours: dark blue or green-blue, khaki or fir green, mustard or Chanel red. These darker colours allow you to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in any room of your home. Combine it with white and gold furniture or with materials such as marble to give an elegant and modern touch to the whole arrangement. However, be careful not to overload the room with an excessive use of colours and materials. 2


We’re going back many years, but...what is velvet? What types exist? It’s a material that was once considered a luxury. That’s why both castles as well as palaces were practically covered in it. And no, it’s not because the decorators of the time had a special discount. It was a status symbol. Within the velvet family, there are different types depending on their composition. It can be made of silk, viscose, acetate or cotton, although the most common is cotton. 3


This seems to be the million-dollar question. Luckily, it’s a material that’s very easy to clean. To keep your velvet furniture or decorative items good as new, it’s enough to pass a soft-bristle brush over the surface to remove dust. If you want more detailed information, it’s best to consult the brand or manufacturer. Do you want to include velvet in your decoration? Original text: Justine Parchard
9 Jul 2020, 7:47 p.m.