Nobody can deny that one of the best things about winter are evenings spent at home. Fluffy pyjamas and our favourite blanket never fail us at this time of year. We know how important these days of the year are... Family reunions and dinners with friends become our biggest priority. We want your home to be ready for these moments, so we have prepared 4 selections especially designed for you. Make your own Christmas gifts or think of some gift ideas, but above all, make a total match and triumph these holidays.

The must-haves for this Christmas

This year, give your home the personality and style that it needs. Are you classic and traditional or glamorous and extravagant? Whatever you are, you will surely find the ideal style and the best gifts for Christmas, because now you can also opt for an eco-Christmas and do it yourself with unique ideas to surprise your friends with the most original Christmas gifts thanks to our paper decoration.

1. Velvet touch

Velvet and golden. If these are your favourites, this selection will be love at first sight. Combine the Lita collection of velvet cushions with the Anuka cushion in turquoise hues and golden lines to achieve an elegant décor. Commit to golden details this Christmas. The Helena hanging flowerpot or geometric ornaments such as Every or the Eira set in the shape of a fir tree will be the best Christmas details to decorate your walls.

2. In the woods.

If you prefer a relaxing Christmas, get inspired with this selection of natural products. Baskets have become an essential decorative element, and they are ideal at this time of year to organise all corners of your home and keep them tidy. Think twice: Use this accessory to make original gifts and fill it with Christmas details, blankets or other accessories, and... there you have a Christmas gift!

Mirrors are on-trend, we are finding increasingly more original designs, not to mention they are present everywhere, in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. Our Maela design has a rattan frame and is shaped like an eye. A 100% handmade designer piece that will undoubtedly be one of the most desired gifts. If you want to surprise your family members with original details or add a touch of authenticity to your celebrations, our accessories will be the best Christmas gifts.

3. Traditional me

Christmas prints and stars of all kinds. If you prefer traditional decorations, we have the best decorative details. Cement stars or hanging metal stars; you choose. Create your own favourite corner with the pink Jazlyn cushion combined with the Aureline vase and a lovely bouquet of flowers. Set up a festive décor with this snowman cushion cover and the Janine fake fur throw. Don’t worry if someone puts Home Alone on again, nobody will be moving you from the sofa.

4. Eco-Christmas

Sustainable and on-trend pieces have arrived at Kave Home.  Being environmentally friendly is always a good purpose, make 100% recyclable material the star of your home during the holidays with these pieces. Making the most original gift is now in your hands. Discover the Felicita set, three baubles made from cardboard and painted in red and gold. The original Yukii set consists of three lantern-shaped baubles made from yellow paper and covered in gold glitter. Among many other eco pieces, we want to show you one of our Christmas essentials. The Chapmana tree, a fir tree made from paper. We know; what a great idea! A fir tree that keeps the house clean. Combine these Christmas decorations with the Saht jute pouf and the Doc rug. Take this opportunity to celebrate a true eco-Christmas.

You only need a few cushions and some decorations to give a completely different atmosphere to an interior. It’s up to you to fill your living room and bedroom with Christmas spirit.

9 Jul 2020, 10:29 p.m.