There is no such thing as a bad time to start new habits that are good for the environment. But since we want them to last much longer than four weeks, we propose some changes to your home that have no expiration date. The planet is at stake. Let's nail it!


Give LED a green light

We are continuously reminded that we have to turn off the tap and turn off the lights when we are not using them. Now let's go one step further. It is time to start using LED lighting in your house. Buy lamps that are compatible or, if you already have them, make sure they have a LED light bulb. Not only the planter but your pocket will be grateful. Not only do they last longer but they also consume less.


Cotton and nothing else

Cotton cushions are a common accessory to have at home thanks to the pleasant and skin-friendly fabric. If you want yours to be 100% cotton, make sure it is organic, that it has been grown naturally, respecting the various cycles and without the usage of any chemicals.


Weave the future with PET

If you plan to put a carpet in your living room, choose a PET carpet. Besides keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, it is also a thermal insulator. These carpets are made from recycled plastic and not just any plastic! If you choose one of our Rodhe carpets you keep the ocean clean, as it comes from plastic bottles collected from the sea.


Natural from start to finish

The best thing about being at home is being able to feel like yourself. As natural as life itself. The best way to feel at ease is by surrounding yourself with pieces made from natural fibers. Besides being unique, and mostly handcrafted, they are biodegradable so they do not generate any waste that contaminates our planet.


ECO wood

We love solid wood, especially when used in exclusive furniture. The various tonalities and veins make every piece unique. We like it even more when it comes with PEFC certification, which guarantees that the wood originates from sustainable forests and controlled felling for the preservation of the environment.

If you have decided to take action to take care of our planet, don't hesitate, start at home.

8 Sep 2020, 5:49 p.m.