Karlina set of two planters with terracotta dish, 33 cm / 27 cm

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Natural materials
A time-honoured material

Terracotta is the material of the moment. Used way before plastic was invented, this clay pottery is back to remind us how natural and sustainable our materials can be.

The colour of the moment

As well as the unique tones and textures from the material itself, terracotta has a vibrant natural colour that’s also a huge design trend. 100% natural

Give your plants the best

Terracotta takes the best care of your plants, it retains all the moisture they need and absorbs the excess without drying out. Who needs a gardener? Not you!

About this product
Set of two terracotta planters with drainage system to maintain the moisture levels the plant needs and remove any excess.
Made with terracotta, a naturally porous material that absorbs excess water and maintains the right moisture level for the plant.
This weatherproof set is resistant to UV rays, rain, and extremes of temperature and conditions.
It comes with separate terracotta dishes that you can place underneath to catch excess water for the plant to reabsorb.