Lelis planter with white terrazzo dish, Ø 26 cm

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From floor tiles to the world

Terrazzo is here to stay. This multicoloured material has been around since the 70s, starting as a wall covering and now stealing the show in interiors of all kinds.

In full colour

We bet you’ve got all kinds of plants, but does each one have a pot to match? The unique combinations of terrazzo in our Lelis pots mean that no two are identical.

Terrazzo for your terrace

Now that it’s here to stay, let’s add terrazzo everywhere. It’s a versatile, resistant material that’ll bring colour to your home, from the hallway to your outdoor space.

About this product
Terrazzo planter with drainage system to maintain the moisture levels the plant needs and let any excess drain away.
This planter is made from terrazzo, a highly weatherproof natural material. It's resistant to water, UV rays and extreme temperatures.
It comes with separate terracotta dish that you can place underneath to catch excess water for the plant to reabsorb.