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Indiann Collection

Indiann Collection


We’re not exaggerating when we say that the Indiann collection is here to fill your home with style and character.

A fully-rounded collection to bring design to every space – the living room, dining room, and even your hallway.

For a trendy touch, every item has a brushed finish and texturised anthracite colour. Without a doubt, it’s a collection of updated classics.

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Store and decorate

Embrace your creative side and decorate your shelves with ceramics, plants, vases and canvases. And don’t forget to keep it tidy!

When it comes to keeping your bits and pieces organised, Indiann shelves are your best ally thanks to their generous storage capacity.

Ideal for freeing up space in your living room.



Indiann makes things clear:

Got a small dining room and eight guests coming for dinner?
This table is your new best friend. Elegant designs to make your dining room special.

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Unique, eco-friendly wood. Each piece is exclusive, with its own grain patterns and tones from the solid wood, which is sourced from sustainable forests and controlled felling.

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