An incredible twilight, enjoying the smallest moments and things, always with your loved ones by your side. Nice weather is here to stay. We are utterly happy to launch our Spring – Summer 2020 Kave Home collection: Artisanal Imperfection. Artisanal Imperfection is Kave Home’s new Spring - Summer 2020 collection, where craftsmanship is the star and is present in every single piece, completely handmade of course! We want to be a part of your home, but in a responsible way and being aware of what is truly worth it.

Artisanal Imperfection will make the difference

As everything is handmade, the imperfect is valued, giving it a unique distinction and giving the spotlight to imperfections as something amazing. The pieces in this collection are made with traditional techniques, so every piece and all its details are exclusively made for you.

More than tones

Discover the colour palette of Artisanal Imperfection, where earthy tones like terracotta will be predominant, along with mustard yellow. All on a black base, a key colour that is always on-trend.

Materials and techniques

We are committed to noble, sustainable and quality materials such as wood, leather, rope or the use of natural fibres to design each of the pieces in this collection. Artisan and traditional techniques have been crucial, such as braiding, which provide products with durability and authenticity. Here you’ll find all our new collection pieces.
9 Jul 2020, 11:01 p.m.