The Beauty Of Aging is a campaign that transports us to a more real and authentic world and invites us to reflect on the beauty of the passage of time. Close your eyes for a minute, let us take you to this place.

From earth to heaven and from heaven to earth. We have all imagined this world which we dream so much about, a place where we can be ourselves, where beauty and the passage of time are perceived positively. Immerse yourself in a cycle where nature, flowers and colours stand out in demonstrating the art of the beauty of aging.


Dark floral patterns

Let yourself fall in love with the most classical formula in the world, flowers. They are the ultimate expression of life. Even in their final phase, colours such as burgundy or pink stand out. To get closer to this beauty, we have created pieces such as the Gamer armchair or the Beattie lamp.


Roses and flowers are a symbol this autumn, surround yourself with them, soak up their meaning and adopt their different connotations. Feel free and happy, classical and refined, but above all let yourself be carried away by the cycle of life, which give us direction and meaning.   FOTONOVA3  

The slow goodbye

We are always looking for a place to stop time, where we can disconnect from the routine and feel nature and freedom. That is why we have combined trends such as corduroy and velvet with nature's own textures. Now, the Meghan armchair and the Blok sofa are made of corduroy. Two pieces that will certainly not go unnoticed this season. The Bonnie rug is made with strips of recycled and handwoven leather. A design that brings us closer to what is natural, sustainable and authentic.


Wood is a material that ages naturally over time and had to play an important role in our campaign. It can be found in the Delsie collection and in the Atalia collection. Two clear examples of pieces that show the beauty of the passage of time with no regrets.


Wild nature

Nature’s most wild side will always call to us and be a great source of creativity. The colours of the forest, the trees or the sky generate a set of emotions and experiences that make us feel unique and real. It is these colours and textures that have inspired us to create this first capsule of the AW19 collection.

Get ready to enter both worlds. Let yourself go, and at the end of this path, you’ll see how hidden beauty comes to light and shows us that time can be turned around and that we are always in time to tread a new path to a new life.

26 May 2020, 9:13 p.m.