We all like to show off a new Christmas decoration, and if it is original, even better. At Kave Home, we have also wanted to bring forward our New Year’s resolution; leading a more eco lifestyle. How about starting with the Christmas tree? Keep reading as we bring you a tonne of surprises.

Happy Eco Year

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to paper, in a big way! Our Christmas decorations, as well as being made from recycled cardboard, are hand painted. Take the Galia collection, for instance, which maintains the typical colours of Christmas decorations, but with a totally green mind. Do you prefer white or red? Don’t worry, both collections also contain gold.

Immortal trees

The great advantage of hanging decorations is that you can place them wherever you want: on furniture handles, to decorate the door, decorate the window or even prepare the table. You can also show off your new Christmas tree. Chapmana trees have such an original design that stands out by itself. Why go looking for a different tree every year, if you can have the best forever? Free up your storage room and make space for your Chapmana in the drawer.

Ho, ho, gold!

Sparkle is a must-have for these holidays, whether in your outfit or in your home’s Christmas decorations. Whatever the colour, all our Christmas decorations have glitter, because it can be simple and still have style. Even our Christmas pineapples from the Caroll collection ooze glamour. They are also so great, that after the holidays are over, they can decorate your home without looking out of place.

Shiny night

To keep on shining, our garlands with lights are the perfect partner. Both the Flinn and the Wendy are 10 handmade pieces that are illuminated with LED lights. With eco-friendly light, your interiors, your pockets and the environment always win. They also set a Christmas decoration trend, with a design of different geometric shapes.

Christmas is taking shape

Another advantage of making your Christmas about paper is that your decorations will be original. At Kave Home, we are committed to an ancient technique that is always on-trend: origami. You will see the creativity of this oriental craft in amazing pieces like those from the Wendy or Caroll collections, to match the garlands. If you prefer more sinuous lines with a touch of exoticism, the Yukii and Clorinda collections will take you on a trip without even leaving your home.

Le Noel en rose

A Christmas in pink? Yes please! If you are someone who likes to do things differently and be on-trend for every occasion, take the opportunity to do so when decorating your home for Christmas. With our pink coloured Marily and Corina collections, your Christmas decorations will be different and unique, choosing the colour of your Christmas. What is better than pink stars? Take a look at the Belalia collection and live el Noel en rose.

Houston, we have the moon

Don’t wait 50 years to step on the moon and bring it home for Christmas. With the Astrea garlands, you can see the moon in all its phases and dressed up. You can decide to have it in a garland or in different hanging decorations. You are going to love both. The best option? Buy both and have it all. With decorations like these, becoming moonstruck will be the best of your experiences.

Star of the East and West

When the time has come to place the star, it has to be something special to accompany a unique moment. The main part of the Christmas tree, or the main Christmas decoration in your home, to give the best of welcomes in your hallway. In all these cases, the Allane star is the VIP piece to crown these holidays.

Save the date for decorating your home for Christmas and enjoy all our Christmas decorations, checking that they look great anywhere. And, as we always say; don’t be shy! Share your photos so that we can see what we know is going to happen; your home looking top this Christmas!

9 Jul 2020, 10:29 p.m.