Decorating a small apartment and making it your own can be tricky. But with Kave Home anything is possible. Every inch counts when it comes to small spaces. Today we want to show you the ideal furniture for furnishing a small flat. Let the mission begin!


The hardest thing is getting started. You have to decide which objects we really need and opt for practical and functional furniture. Think of the rooms that are the most important. Ask yourself if you like cooking, if you spend hours in the bathroom or if your friends are always dropping in unannounced. Once you know your house and your habits, you can make the right furniture choices.

Stackable and folding, your favourite adjectives

The Malira graphite chair lets in light thanks to its simple, elegant design. It is available in three colours, which you can combine for an original and modern result. Or you can also choose classic white, which always works. Folding chairs will be a firm favourite. Choose the /au/en-auRowing wooden table made from eucalyptus wood to bring a breath of fresh air into your home.


The Aruna console table will be your great discovery. It is extendible and very versatile. Your options are endless. You can use it as a table to eat your daily meals, and also has a work console. Lean it up against the wall for breakfasts on the go. Quick and easy. A caffeine injection to start the day, but this time you don’t even have to open up the table. The most important thing: your dining room will still be clean and tidy. If you want more space or have guests, it's an ideal way to enjoy the company of a few friends.


Stools will also become a firm favourite. We love them because they take up little room, provide extra seating you can also use to put objects on, and create a touch of interest, as well as being very versatile.

wall lamp

Secrets under the bed

In your bedroom, you can opt for the Matter storage bed, which comes in different sizes and colours. One of them is bound to go beautifully in your bedroom. I almost forgot, you can also lift the lid for extra storage. Just what you need in a small apartment. To the side of the bed, you can go for our small Halie side table. If you are short a few inches, our Hannah wall lamp is a two-for-one, as it is also a shelving unit. A good way to illuminate and have everything you need to hand.


Sweet Home

We are going to create a sweet and cosy corner where you can relax and unwind. You’re going to love the idea. Take note.

- A pretty rug - Lots of cushions - An auxiliary table or a stool - The folding screen

And now we have it all. Create a chill out area to spend the afternoon lounging and reading a book or playing cards with your friends. Arrange the cushions on the rug around the table, just like in the photo. To make the space more intimate and separate the different areas, use the folding mango wood screen. Then you can use it creatively and turn it, for example, in a headboard. Got it, right? We have so many ways to make a small apartment cosy, modern and practical. Remember to have a clear idea of where you want to put each piece of furniture and stick to the same colour palette. It will help make the space seem less crowded. And don't forget our great secret: Mirrors. Place a large mirror that reflects the window or a bright area and you'll see that everything seems more spacious. It's possible.
26 May 2020, 9:15 p.m.