A classic that can’t be missing from your living room, the largest are in the home where the whole family gathers together, is the Christmas tree. Green, white, artificial or natural, either way make sure the tradition continues at home. Are you looking for an original Christmas decoration for your tree? At Kave Home we have prepared a few selections of top Christmas products for this 2019-2020 with designs and colours that you’re going to love.

Every Christmas is unique and that is why these moments are also unique and easy to remember. It's time to prepare your Christmas tree and decorate it as fashionably as possible. The desire to choose the decoration for your tree as a family is irresistible. Merry Christmas! Let’s go to the inspiration.

Glamorous trees in on mode at Christmas

If you are one of those glamorous people who wants to add the most exclusive Christmas touch, you must have golden decorations in your tree. You can also decorate your sofa by combining it with velvety cushions that provide the perfect mix to celebrate and raise a toast with cava with your loved ones. The set of 4 Emilia baubles is perfect for your white, green, natural, artificial, felt, gold or fabric tree or one with dry branches. The Felicita set of turquoise and gold baubles is ideal for your tree. Two colours that complement each other very well and brighten up the room. Combine the Cerise cushion cover in dark blue and gold velvet with the Lita cushion cover. And since next to your sofa you have a coffee or side table for chocolates and biscuits, make sure you add the Anteia gold-coloured candle holder. A classic Christmas decoration. Keep the spirit alive!

Traditional trees that never fail at Christmas time

Let no one take away the traditional Christmas colours, red and gold. To make sure sparks fly this Christmas, put up some lights to brighten up your home, especially so that Santa Claus and the Three Kings can see where to leave the presents. The Flinn garland featuring ten lights with original shapes will give you the touch of Christmas and colour you want. You can add the Starling cushion alongside to go with your tree.

Because not all are authentic Christmas trees

Because being original makes you unique. Place the Coss rug under the tree to go with it in the best possible way, it’s wonderful. Round and made from natural jute surrounded by small circles, this rug provides the artisanal and original touch we’re all looking for. A fun piece with double functionality to put on the tree is the Bulacan marble chopping board. It combines different materials such as wood and marble. Its leather hanger will enable you to hang it up and make the tree a real work of art.

More eco victims at Christmas, and Christmas trees

This Christmas, eco victims can enjoy and decorate the tree with paper and cardboard. There is a wide variety of sets to choose from in different shapes. The rhombus-shaped and green Lilien bauble set, for example, features three pompoms of different colours, green, blue and yellow. Another fun lantern-shaped set is the Corina bauble set. It comes in pink with a tassel that gives it an oriental touch and its edges are covered in golden glitter. And to finish the work of art, we propose a final touch with the Galia polka dot baubles. Made of recycled cardboard painted in white with gold polka dots, they will make this Christmas as authentic as you. Make sure you always have that snowy touch!

This Christmas you won’t be missing decorations at home. The Christmas products that have arrived at Kave Home are perfect. I love them all. Now it's your turn. With a table of mugs full of hot chocolate you can start designing your tree. We all like to feel like children once a year and enjoy the magic. Ho! Merry Christmas
9 Jul 2020, 10:30 p.m.