Curves are in fashion. They are natural, elegant and full of power; so now you just have to dare to find them a space in your home. But, keep calm! Breaking straight lines is as easy as focusing on accessories and details. Here are some ideas.

Natural beauty with curves

A top trick is to combine natural materials with geometric lines in a single piece. How can you achieve this? For example by framing curves. The Whish pictures are made up of a straight white frame and a canvas displaying the water patterns of an agate. Curves that are created naturally. Another example which is also very natural and whose lines are created by nature itself, is the cut of a tree trunk. These are incredibly harmonious and transmit tranquillity. The Whish pictures are available in blue and lilac and are love at first sight.

Cushions that deserve a wave

Another accessory that can give you lots of options in terms of geometry are cushions. The Rocio cushion cover features a water pattern that provides a sense of movement and will give your sofa an elegant and casual air. In addition, you’ll love to feel like the waves themselves. You can choose between green or grey... or even easier, why not have both?  

Glass curves

Sinuous lines in glass convey strength and sophistication. The Aureline vases are the perfect example. Available in two different sizes, these pieces will add extra character and style in any corner of your home, whether in the dining room, in the hall or in the bedroom, up to you. Its nude pink hue is pure fashion and it is perfectly adapted to both classic and arty environments.

Celebratory curves for Christmas

We know there are still quite a few evenings to go before Christmas Eve. And we also know how much you want to stop making excuses and just put up your Christmas decorations today. Well, hold on, because some of our proposals for this year also come with curves, with paper curves! We recommend you check out our Eco proposals for this curvy Christmas. The Clorinda set comes with three round baubles made of white or orange paper with a tassel that gives them an oriental touch. The Yukii set is comprised of three lantern-shaped baubles made of yellow paper. The baubles in both sets are covered with golden glitter and putting them together is as easy as taking them apart, you just have to join or separate the sides with their magnet. Easy and ready to shine! The time has come to break the rules and pay tribute to curves. The options are endless, dare to do it!
9 Jul 2020, 10:30 p.m.