Behind our designs, there’s a team of 8 designers who have the skills it takes to turn their ideas into pure design. They are obsessed with the quality of our products and pay close attention to each little detail to ensure that the result is perfect. They play around with different materials, colours and even different geometric shapes in their creations.

They are constantly thinking up new designs, which means they create 40 new products each week. We’ll show you a few of them which are must-haves for your home.

One of them is the Gamer armchair, with a fine structure upholstered in hound tooth. What’s more, you can get it in up to 9 different colours. But be warned, they’re so great that you won’t know which one to go for! Our designers have also worked trends in by going for exposed structures. And why hound tooth? If you’re on trend, your home should be too.


Another of our team’s designs is the Blok sofa. We’ve made it easy for you to enjoy it: apart from having the choice between 2 and 3-seater Blok sofas, you can also pick a lighter or darker grey upholstery. Want some more? The chaise-longue part can be adapted to your space. Yes, you read that right. Would you rather have the chaise-longue part on the right or on the left? We’ll do it for you. More? Give your sofa the finishing touch with a matching pouf!


Let’s go for a Kave Home classic: the Debra sofa. There are so many things that make it stand out that we don’t know where to start. Its originality in updating the Mid Century concept in its form, its tufted padding, its velvet upholstery, etc. This is an irresistible piece for fashion victims, hipsters, city lovers and anybody who appreciates authentic design. What’s more, we’ve got it in four colours, each one better than the last. A tip: leave some room for the matching Debra pouf.


Since we love talking about our products, we just have to mention the Meghan armchair. It’s round, upholstered in velvet and has an exposed structure; wood comes into play here too. Solid ash wood, to be specific. So it’s a total pleasure to give into temptation and rest your arms. In style too. Because we want you to have your own one, the armrests on the Meghan armchair can come in a natural ash finish or a wengue finish. It’s up to you. And we’ve made it even easier for the most indecisive ones among you. The upholstery on the Meghan is available in up to six different colours. And of course we have the sofa version too.


Design is your home’s best friend and it’s dying to have Kave Home products that will speak volumes about you. Come to ours and see colours, shapes and materials. You’ll find exactly what you want to get across.

9 Jul 2020, 10:14 p.m.