A few months ago, we discovered the Reeve apartment: a unique place located in the heart of Paris. Come and discover the Reeve concept. This is the coolest apartment. reeve-kitchen-inspiration-kavehome-1 The corners of Reeve are original, unique and warm. The concept is based on the idea of the creators to offer their clients spaces where you will feel "at home". Feeling at home outside your own house, who has not ever thought about that? These spaces are private and perfect for a corporate event, dinner with friends or a shooting, for example. Each apartment is designed and decorated differently so that anyone can find what they are looking for as far as style is concerned. And, to top it off, you can adapt your needs by renting the entire apartment or just one room. reeve-kitchen-inspiration-kavehome-2 We decided to test it out and try the experience for one of our events. We redecorated and furnished the Reeve kitchen for the occasion. Do not be shy, stay for dinner! reeve-kitchen-inspiration-kavehome-3


This space was conceived around an open kitchen, with a modern spirit but maintaining classic details such as the wall and some decorative details. The combination of wood with dark colors is the general trend of this space, which gives it elegance and modernity. In addition, it does not lack detail, we see elements such as an original cutting board that combines wood and marble and jars for spices or coffee. A little green could not miss to give a more vivid air to the kitchen. reeve-kitchen-inspiration-kavehome-4


The dark blue wall with classic details contrasts perfectly with the tone of the Briva extendable table and the white Tressia chairs. With the carpet, a more cozy effect is achieved and thanks to accessories such as a centerpiece or a vase the personal touch is added to the dining room. Oh! And needless to say that the fresh flowers top it off. reeve-kitchen-inspiration-kavehome-5


Do you have a large dining room and are you afraid it will look too empty? First, it is important to choose the right table for the space. Second, fill in the empty spots. You can create a reading corner with an armchair and a floor lamp, or a playing area.   Soon, we will discover more rooms of the Reeve apartment, do not miss out!   Original text: Justine Parchard Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen
9 Jul 2020, 7:56 p.m.