Meals, dinners, parties, gifts... The card is exploding, but we know that you have saved a corner for sale. So, get ready because we have prepared a selection of tempting offers that will become the best of your sins. Good as hell!

Good things are worth waiting for

How many resolutions have you accomplished? We have just started the new year, so take it easy... And because we’re taking it easy, shall we also make ourselves comfortable? If there are things that you have to sit and wait for, at least do it in style. In that department, the Runnie collection is unrivalled. In the colour you want, but velvet and gold are always present.

If we have to sin, let’s do it together

All year round! If you are one of us, you will know that bad habits shared are much more enjoyable. So, grab a cocktail and add your craziest friends and a sofa under the winter sun. Sounds good, right? Well, if you want it to be better, do it with the Tucson, Ramson or Gilded sofa. Corner sofas that, in addition to making the most of the space, are also ideal for all seasons. Try it out. Join the In&Out trend.

Size does matter…

…and it also has its own finish. We have tables for all tastes. Of course, they are selective like you. Make sure that you reserve a great VIP area. The Amethys table, made from solid wood and steel, is the perfect candidate for Nordic lovers. But, if you love the wood and cement combination, you will fall in love with the Vetter and Cloe tables.

Waking up from a nap was easy before...

Between all the partying, you have to take a break to be able to keep up. The nap is sacred. To ensure that those few hours go a long way, cushions are a must have. The ethnic look and pompoms on the Adell, Seward and Clairbone cushion covers make your cat nap a habit that is just as amazing as showing off your new outfits.

If you’ve been left wanting more, be careful, our sale selection is highly addictive.

9 Jul 2020, 10:33 p.m.