One of the unmissable dates in the world of design and decoration is the Salone del Mobile, held in Milan in mid-April. We talked to our designers and they revealed to us everything that’s on its way and the trends that were unveiled in this event of worldwide acclaim.


The structures of furniture, chairs, seats and sofas are no longer hidden but have reclaimed not just their undeniable importance but also their aesthetic. Now, and in the coming seasons, structure will play a crucial aesthetic role. From this trend we can see honest designs in which at first glance we can understand a whole piece, without tricks or half truths.



Jordi Díaz, one of the product designers for Kave Home, sums the colour trends up to three: pink terracotta, a version of the classic terracotta that’s edging towards pink, Dusty and Klein in the range of blues and Dusty in its stone version. In other words, the world of furniture is betting on colours that go further than earthen tones, whites and grey scales and opens up a world full of possibilities... and colours!



No one should (or could) be surprised when we tell them that one of this year’s trends, velvet, still has a looooong life left. The position is clear: just one piece with presence, such as a sofa or an armchair, or, failing that, a set of chairs, is enough to join this trend that comes in dark blue, emerald green and bright yellow. And, for those who don’t want to risk their interior design by putting such an important piece in the hands of velvet, there are always the cushions.


Let’s forget about light or white wood finishes. Now is the turn of the dark woods and black metals, above all when they’re in their matte version. Certainly a look that gives elegance, style and personality to any interior.



It’s not new, but it’s one of the rising trends. A mix of materials in one product is now nearly a moral obligation. The combination of metal and wood is now a classic in the world of furniture and decoration, but a more novelty combination is metal and upholstery, wood and leather on chairs etc.



Far from denying synthetics, designers are signalling the use of rattan or synthetic wicker as one of the latest trends, giving it, however, a new look. Not everything goes: no imitating natural fibres; but combining colours and different weaves is allowed. What’s even more exciting is all its other virtues, which aren’t few (flexibility, durability etc.).


It’s not new, even less so outdoors, the use of weaving for chairs, armchairs and sofas. But, take note, it’s better in XXL, which works in all types of fabric and material, also in cotton.

9 Jul 2020, 7:53 p.m.