The best Australian homes are the ones that successfully combine indoor and outdoor living — integrating natural elements indoors while applying the colours, materials and overall style of the interior to their outdoor spaces.

Kave Home’s new outdoor furniture collection is full of Mediterranean-inspired furniture pieces that fit perfectly with my minimal organic style. I love that you can mix and match the sofas, chairs and tables because the entire range is cohesive + full of sustainable natural materials in timeless designs.

Below, I’ve put together my organic minimal outdoor living edit where Modernism meets Mediterranean, using my favourite pieces from the new Kave Home outdoor collection.

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Organic Minimal Style

Achieving an organic minimal style outdoors is all about utilising natural textures and contemporary shapes in neutral, earth tones.

It’s a timeless approach, and works beautifully with our Australian way of life and love for entertaining alfresco since we’re looking to create a seamless transition between indoors and out.

While curating my Kave Home outdoor furniture edit, I’m looking for pieces with simple, clean lines, curved details and contrasting materials and textures that create an elevated and inviting outdoor space.



Kave Home’s new outdoor collection offers lots of colour options and combinations to choose from, and they’re in muted or desaturated tones which makes them more timeless + a long term investment rather than trend-driven.

From deep olive green, beige and mauve, these pieces are neutral to the eye but give a point of difference and a sense of bespoke luxury as well.

For my organic minimal concept, I’m focusing on a combination of white, beige, timber and green tones. Using white as the dominant colour — for tables, sofa upholstery and even planters — instantly gives the bright, fresh look and feel that works so well with the Mediterranean-inspired pieces.


Textures + Materials

The key to styling an outdoor space that’s long-lasting is selecting textures and materials that not only work with the overall style but are made to withstand the weather and climate, too.


The main materials and textures I’ve focused on are cement, natural timber and powder coated aluminium. The contrast between each of the distinct textures creates a contemporary look and feel that feels customised and curated.

For example, I’ve chosen the Forcanera Outdoor Sofa because its teak timber frame is sustainably sourced and tolerates humidity and damp weather conditions. The curved tube finish on the aluminium frame of the Joncols Outdoor Armchair is resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV rays. My favourite pieces, the Aiguablava Round Dining Table + Coffee Table have a white cement finish that is unique from piece to piece and built to withstand climate conditions.

Rory's Organic Minimal Outdoor Living Moodboard:


Rory's Organic Minimal Outdoor Dining Moodboard:



As well as colour, material and texture, looking closely at the shape and profile of the furniture pieces is important to make sure they fit into the organic minimal style I’m after.

To keep the spaces grounded, I’ve chosen long, linear lines that can be seen in the outdoor sofa and oversized planters as well. These straight lines act as anchors that give balance to any curved shapes.

Bringing in the organic touch, the subtle curved frames of the armchairs and dining chairs create a playful element, while the mix of both straight and rounded lines seen in the dining and coffee tables strike the perfect harmony in a space that’s equal parts minimal and organic.

Rory's Top Picks

Rory's Organic Minimal Outdoor Dining Product Edit:


Pictured (top left to bottom right): Joncols Dining Chair, Carola Blanket, Aiguablava Plant Pot, Roperta Plate, Aiguablava Dining Table,Bellabel Vase

Rory's Organic Minimal Outdoor Living Product Edit


Pictured (top left to bottom right): Yandi Vase, Aiguablava Coffee Table, Joncols Armchair, Aiguablava Plant Pot, Forcanera Sofa, Tabuk Basket


Kave Home’s outdoor furniture collection is perfect for creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor space for all seasons. Visit their Sydney furniture showroom to see these pieces in person.

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30 Dec 2023, 9 a.m.