The time has come! The nice weather is here and your small garden is asking for a bit of love. Find out more about our secret tips and design ideas to create your chill out spot and let your creativity flow.


How to optimize your small garden?

When we think of a garden, we imagine big green spaces. It’s time to create our own version of a dream garden. Optimize the space by picking round or squared tables and some chairs to complete the look. Folding chairs and tables are a good option for tiny spaces. You can store them in wintertime or when you don’t need them and take them outside once your guests arrive.


Brighten up your space with plants

Breathe in some fresh air and reconnect yourself with nature. Add as many plants as you can and use wooden flower pots when possible. The warmth of the wood in combination with the green will create an exotic vibe. Too busy to care for plants? how about some nice succulents on your table? They are very trendy and come in a huge variety.


Colourful gardens

Add a touch of colour with some nice outdoor rugs. They are weather resistent to both the heat, cold and humidity so that you get to enjoy them all year round. Match your chairs with some colourful cushions and turn this corner into your favourite spot.


Outdoor lighting

Create a welcoming atmosphere and brighten up your outdoor space. Watch the sunsets, sit back and relax.

Now that you have all the tools to turn your outdoor space into an attractive and charming environment, the time has come to enjoy your corner. Click here to find out more about our new outdoor collection.

13 Jul 2020, 6:29 p.m.