Is your outdoor space ready for enjoying sunny days? We’ve got some ideas to convince you that this is the best place for you to enjoy your time for getting away from it all. It’s a versatile space, even though it’s small, it’s also setting trends.


Design is useful

In small spaces we value practical pieces. Ones that we can move around easily and store without taking up too much space, and ones that adapt to us and the weather. What’s more, we also want them to be designer pieces that will set trends. Basically, we want everything. It turns out that such a thing exists: The Allegian chairs and the Advance table. The chairs are stackable and the table is collapsible, so putting them out and packing them away is comfortable and easy. What’s more, they have a versatile design that also fits in with the interior spaces in your home.


Design is unique

Authenticity is always an added value; this goes for design too. The Cocktail table has a top made out of pieces of marble and these pieces form a hand-made mosaic, making it even more special. Pair it up with the Lambton chair with a hand-woven seat. Two unique pieces for a balcony or terrace that is also unique. What’s more, materials such as marble, steel and cord work well in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Design is brave

If you’re someone who likes to go one step further, here’s our idea: put a bit of gold in your outdoor space. With a Mediterranean essence, the Elsa table has an original structure made out of gold coloured rods holding up the top with a mosaic form, making this piece stand out in any space. For a gold match, get the Kuala chair, which is also gold coloured and equally adaptable for indoor and outdoor spaces. What’s more, you’ll have as many Kuala chairs as you want since they’re stackable. Gold never dies.

Show (yourself) that your outdoor space is an essential part of your home, whatever its size, and completely ready for a useful, unique and brave design. Your outdoor urban moments are guaranteed.

9 Jul 2020, 10:08 p.m.