In the world of interior design, finding the perfect balance between style, functionality, and sustainability is a true art. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Fiona (@fi.homemuse) interior designer content creator who has mastered the art of creating stunning spaces while embracing minimalist and sustainable principles. In this interview, she shares her insights on interior design style, the incorporation of sustainability practices, tips for decorating small dining spaces, and her love affair with the versatile fabric, boucle.

Can you tell us about your interior design style and how do you incorporate sustainability practices into your work as an interior content creator?
I believe my interior design style is a minimalist, Scandinavian nordic style, where I focus on a lot of neutrals, white, and timber. Being in a rental, I wanted to keep my design minimal, as it allows me to leave the place anytime without creating too much issues to the house itself. I also opted for quality pieces that can last for years, even decades, rather than keeping in the fast-fashion consumerism trend, which easily gets into landfill. I try to keep myself in a sustainable status by considering 3 things before I decide to go for a particular product; Is it good quality? Do I need it? Is it timeless and can last for at least a few years?

How do you balance design trends with timeless pieces in your home decor?
My design trend is always going for a minimalist and a neutral palette. "Trend" comes and goes too fast, it can be quite exhausting if you are trying to keep up each time. Instead, I think keeping a neutral palette itself is simply a representation of being timeless. When it comes to bigger furniture like beds frames and chairs, I like to incorporate trends via textures and shapes, but always stick to a cream/white/grey colour. For instance, I opted for a boucle cream chair that will always be timeless even when boucle might not be trendy in the next couple of years. I can quickly change the look by adding a new trend via decor such as a coloured throw, a cushion or other soft touches, yet the base colour of cream will still be timeless. It's always a way of saving money too because you can create a new look without needing to change all the furniture, which usually is the biggest cost.


What are your top tips for decorating a small dining space to make it feel larger and more open?
This is a fun one! In my current rental space my dining space is only 2.5m by 2.5m with 4 walls boxed around it which totally makes my space look small. I love to go for a round table in this case because a circle table often gives an illusion of being smaller than a rectangular table, but it can easily fit 6 people comfortably. The Licia Dining table has been my favourite in this case, because it is super sturdy and the wood often gives a nice warm touch to the overall space. If you like to add interest to the dining space, add textures! Soft seated chairs with sleek legs, or a table base with interesting textures like timber slats in the Licia table. Always go for a lighter coloured dining chair to make the room airy and bigger. And most importantly, declutter your room, invest in a cabinet or shelf that you can display your dinnerware. Make them a feature for the space.

You are the queen of boucle! How do you incorporate it into your home and why do you love this fabric so much?
Awww thankyou, I've always loved boucle when I was a little girl, because my grandfather is a tailor and he used to create boucle jackets and trench coats for his customers. I still remember when I was younger, I would be cutting fabric for him in his shop! Boucle is a beautiful fabric that isn't overwhelming in the eye but the texture is just so beautiful and simple enough to incorporate interest in your household. I also love how boucle is a thick material and it brings so much hygge and coziness to the space. It's also quite surprising how easy it is to clean boucle, it's a pretty hard wearing material than what most people imagine. I have boucle in every room at my home and my partner called our home a "teddy bear home". I think Boucle is a great accent material that you can incorporate pretty much anywhere in your home. I, for example, like to use boucle in accent chairs, cushions, throws, ottomans and dining chairs.


Can you share with us how you’ve styled some of your Kave Home products in your own home, and any tips you have for our followers on how to incorporate them into their own spaces?
Styling is such a personal taste, and there is no right or wrong, but I like to keep my Kave Home products as the features in our room, so I always start with pieces that I love as the "main character" in my home. For example, The Club armchair is always the main feature in our bedroom, because it is such a beautiful piece itself, I often just add simple decor like an art print or a throw to finish it off. You don't want your other "bits and pieces" to take away the charm of the Kave Home furniture. My philosophy of styling is always "less is more" and "make it cosy", not every item needs to be shown in the picture, instead focusing on a few key decor elements to compliment the rest of the space. Adding cosiness via textures, don't be afraid to use different textures because they add interest to the space without overwhelming the eyes.

What is your favourite Kave Home piece and why?
I don't like this question! There are simply too many that it's hard to just pick one. But if I had to choose, I would say it is the Club White fleece armchair, it has the most gorgeous designed shape and is the perfect piece as an accent chair, the afternoon rest chair or for a reading nook. The Club is just too beautifully textured with boucle, you honestly don't even need to think too much about styling it, it is a STYLE itself, that's just perfect for someone who is a beginner or new to styling.

Check out Fiona's favourites here and start styling!

17 May 2023, 9:08 a.m.