These days we are living in a Sci-Fi movie. Coronavirus has put our life into quarantine. Staying at home, what a dream... or not. For us, it’s impossible not to talk about Covid-19 and we want to be helpful in all we can, to ease your days at home. More than ever before, we believe in the power of making your comfort place, so here you’ll find tips to adapt your home to the situation and to avoid contagion. Shoe-Rack-Hallway-Entryway

Kick the virus out: shoes are for the exteriors

Going out, for many people, is one of the best parts of their day or week, for others, it’s a big concern, an odyssey. Whichever type are you, we want you to do it without getting germs inside once you get home. The secret: leaving your keys, jacket, bags and shoes in the entryway. You may not love the idea, but in the future, you’ll get used to keep everything organized in its place. Some experts also recommend changing your clothes for assuring a complete clean environment inside your home. Don’t know where to keep your essentials? If you need storage for your shoes, choose a bench for your hallway with space under the seat or a shoe rack to have them all in one place. And with your bags and jackets? You can add some coat racks and hangers. Easy peasy! Bathroom-Accessories-Towels

You’ve heard it more times this month than in your life: wash your hands

Wash your hands when you get home, a small gesture, a big difference. It’s the secret to reduce the chances of “contaminating” your home or of touching your face. Do it as many times you can. If you need to upgrade your towels or soap dispensers, we’ll help you! Bathroom-Accessories-Towels-Ideas

Essential: a clean environment

In this matter, we recommend you search advice from experts to assure the best results. The main keys are to use disinfectant cleaners and keeping an eye on the areas that you use to touch more frequently, like door handles, phone, remote control, keyboard, kitchen or bathroom. Change-Room-Decor-Mirror

#StayAtHome: Stay in your Kave

Make it a cosy place and disconnect. Before confinement you had moments where you loved being at home, try to remember what you used to spend your spare time with, what have you been waiting to do... Do you want to upgrade your furniture? Do you want a new look for your walls? Or getting a brand-new home office? We have changed our home décor a million times, we can’t help it! We also suggest you video call your loved ones to feel near them, trying thousands of new recipes, to enjoy them round the table and then burn them with fitness videos or live streams and, when you have earned it, Netflix will be your best friend of your sofa afternoons. Don’t worry, cheers to the better times that will come. Take care!
9 Jul 2020, 11:02 p.m.