We can all agree on one thing: creativity comes from words, drawings, covers, graphic art, etc., that’s why we’ve got you some amazing bookshelves, which are attractive in their own right.


Your best workmate is called Palmia

Apart from a good table light on your desk, your projects need a good bookshelf at home, with all the books you need. That’s why the Palmia bookshelf is your best workmate. It has up to five shelves so that you can have all your books in the order you want. What’s more, this is a solid mango wood piece with an on-trend design. Culture inspires us and that's where these pieces come from.


The Milian collection also reads

The Milian collection has it all, including a bookshelf. Remaining true to its style and philosophy, of course. Because we know that the lounge is the perfect space for having your reading zone, this bookshelf has space for you to keep your bestsellers along with your photos, candles or a clock. What’s more, like the rest of the collection, the piece shows off a really on-trend double match: Wood and metal, black and gold. This bookshelf is undoubtedly worth matching up with the rest of the Milian collection.


Kesia, for your day-dreams

We mentioned in our post, Sweet dreams, Marc, that the influencer and model, Marc Torné, went in for the Kesia collection to decorate his bedroom. Specifically, the bookshelf forms part of his chill-out space. What we have here is the perfect piece for your bedroom, since it fits on any wall. What’s more, since it’s made of walnut wood and metal, it’s also a space for design. Sweet dreams or, even better, sweet stories.

The best books deserve VIP space in your home. The bookshelves we suggest are a sure bet and the best companion for your relaxing moments. As long as you have them there, you’ll have the best stories to get lost in.

9 Jul 2020, 10:12 p.m.