What has been the greatest achievement of social networks like Facebook and Instagram? To put people in contact with each other and give them the opportunity to share thoughts and photos with their friends (or followers). The “share” function has really exploded, and now nobody can do without it.

And in design? Well, there have always been items of furniture that, even before the digital revolution and the social media boom, have been more social than others. The bench is one of them!

We love to share

It's not easy to elect the bench as the star of “share” furniture. The very essence of sitting on a bench is sharing the same seat. With chairs, if you think about it, everybody's minding their own business.  On a bench, on the other hand, we're all near to each other. The closer the contact, the easier it is to chat and everything becomes even more pleasant with some dishes worthy of Masterchef served on the table, maybe accompanied by a good wine.

A treat for the eyes as well

Let's forget, aesthetically speaking, the idea of the wooden bench of our grandparents: now benches are becoming trendy, they use combinations of modern materials and are becoming perfect even for a house with minimal furnishings. Because there is a rule that always applies, as Coco Chanel said, “to be unique, you have to be different”.

We share design

“For my parents, privacy was a value, for my peers sharing is a value”. It's really difficult not to agree with these words of Mark Zuckerberg... so, we ask you, when you are sitting on a nice bench with your friends, to take a selfie and share it on Facebook and Instagram.  The #socialbench phenomenon is about to take off!

9 Jul 2020, 10:07 p.m.