Your coffee table deserves its own magazine cover. Yes, yours! Want to know how? In this post, we share the key to creating a wow-factor centrepiece in your living room. And the best part is that it couldn’t be easier. Let’s do this!

Divide and conquer

First of all, divide your table into four quadrants. In one of these, place the heaviest items, such as books and magazines. In the opposite corner, put smaller assorted items such as your glasses and tablet. Use the other two quadrants to lighten up the look of your table with a decorative vase or collection of candles.


What if my table isn’t rectangular?

If your table is square, divide it diagonally in half to give you two triangles. It’s important not to overload it, though, because you also want to show off your table top. For round tables, your best bet is to add items that match its shape, such as trays or centrepieces.


The height of style

Once you've distributed the weight of the elements of your coffee table, play around with their heights to create a sense of movement. Vases of different sizes and colours are always a good idea, and they also add a little light and sparkle.


A summer/winter look

If you want to dress your living room for every season, trays and table centrepieces are the ideal place to add natural elements such as or shells or pinecones. Just one new ornament can change the whole look.


A touch of green never goes amiss

Bunches of flowers, houseplants, terrariums... Nature is always welcome in any part of the home, including your living room coffee table. And if you don’t have time to look after them, our decorative plants are your low-maintenance buddy.

Less is more

If you have a nest of tables, avoid decorating them all. Our advice is to place items on the largest table only and to use the others as side tables when needed.

2 Feb 2021, 11:28 p.m.