Set up 27 years ago, Fundació Ared is an organisation that supports people at risk of social exclusion, helping them to integrate into the workforce and society. The foundation works mainly with women who are former inmates or recipients of social services. Its main mission is to support them into employment through training.


Since 2019, we have collaborated with the foundation on some of our fabric products, such as cushion covers, napkins, blankets and aprons. It's a way for us to do our bit by helping to ensure that these women's circumstances continue to improve. They look after the entire production process for our products: from pattern-making to cutting and finishing all the way to the labelling, quality control and packaging.

This all takes place in the Salta, Empresa d'Inserció workshops - an initiative started by the foundation in 2006 to offer jobs to graduates of the organisation's courses or those facing obstacles to entering the workplace. The team also ensures that the products made at its premises are socially responsible and of good quality.


During the time they spend at Salta, usually between two and three years, the women receive all the training and knowledge they need to become outstanding employees, ready to make the "salto" [jump] and join any company. So far, Fundació Ared has supported more than 12,000 people and around 4,000 of them have found a job.


We'll always be excited to partner with this kind of organisation, which is taking such positive steps towards a more inclusive society and, as a result, helping to make the world a better place. Read all about what we're doing for people and the plante as part of our Kave Cares project.

17 Dec 2021, 11:12 p.m.