After showing us her hall, Alessandra Oram shows us her bedroom and explains everything in detail. If you are curious about how it has been created and decorated, keep on reading! bedroom-alessandra-oram-kave-home-interior-decoration-6-1024x767 We´ve put in the new floors throughout the house ourselves. We chose a laminated parquet floor with a warm wood color. The mattress was the first piece that came into the house. And for a few weeks it was the only piece of furniture we had! bedroom-alessandra-oram-kave-home-interior-decoration-2-1024x767 The next thing was to focus on our custom made closet. I was very happy to design and build this myself, since I always wanted one with a suspended system. I think that, most of the time, the bottom of your closet is a very uncomfortable space since you have to bend over to reach it. Normally, there are layers and layers of space, with drawers for example. We loved the idea of having it open, and placing our shoes, books, etc. in boxes, open shelves or on the floor. bedroom-alessandra-oram-kave-home-interior-decoration-5-1024x767 The baskets from Kave Home fit perfectly on the open shelf under the closet. We have filled all 5 that we have with our shoes! 3 for me and 2 for Miklos. ;) Also, these baskets smell great and are perfect for keeping our shoes out of sight, but give them the air that they need. bedroom-alessandra-oram-kave-home-interior-decoration-4-1024x767 It's great that you can buy the headboards for your bed separately at Kave Home. At first, I was not going to buy one since I always thought that I would have to buy the bed frame along with the headboard. It's amazing that Kave Home has so many options to choose from. bedroom-alessandra-oram-kave-home-interior-decoration-3-1024x767 Soft fabrics and natural tones make our bedroom a very relaxing space. With the final touches and details that I have explained, we´ve completed the room. See you at the next room! Original text: Alessandra Oram Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen  
9 Jul 2020, 7:58 p.m.