Your dining room is the place where you share memories with your guests and where you spend your day to day life with your partner, family or friends. Choosing a dining table and chairs that match your place and style will level up those incredible moments.

Make a safe bet with a matching set of table and chairs

You may be searching for a dining table and 4 or 6 chairs set, go for it! It’s an easy and quick way to upgrade your space, giving it a completely new look and perfect for those who have problems figuring out interior design. A perfect example is our Sheryl collection, with garden table and chairs, ideal for in & out.

Mix & match styles

Creativity is the answer! Your interiors say a lot about your personality. To mix different tables and chairs is more difficult than going for a set, but it’s absolutely worth it. The first step is to keep in mind your whole home’s look to complete it with the perfect fit choice. The following is to choose what type of combination of table and chairs you want to achieve.

Colour, the key for a perfect combination

Think about what colours do you want to take the spotlight on your dining room, for example, if you have a white dining room, we suggest you look for wood furniture to get a cosier space. Then, find tables and chairs that, even that they are not from the same collection, match their colours. An amazing idea is to find ones that have the same colour or design on their legs. Go big or go home!

Glass dining table, the greatest ally

It’s that easy, a glass table will put the spotlight on your chairs, so you’ll just have to match them with their background. What else could you ask for? Oh, they are perfect for space saving, as they make your room look bigger, you’ll love the Argo table.

Dining room designs, endless possibilities

Now that you know how to combine your table and chairs like a pro, let your creativity flow, nothing will stop you! You set the rules of your style, so if you want to break established patterns and celebrate originality, we are here to help you!

28 Feb 2022, 9:44 p.m.