Andy and Deb Saunders started their journey on The Block 2019, renovating an old backpacker's hostel and along with the other four teams they turned it into five luxury homes. Since then they have been busy helping the people of Australia renovate on several projects and soon their new digital renovation series DnA of Design, launching September 2022. 

This time around, they wanted to renovate their own space, turning their shed into a beautiful bedroom ready for Summer. Andy and Deb selected the Rexit wardrobe and the Rasha bedside tables, achieving a natural and warm look. 


We had the chance to ask Deb a few questions on renovating:

First of all we would love to know when your passion for renovating started? 

My passion for renovation started at an early age. I was always rearranging my bedroom and painting things, changing handles and re purposing furniture. My parents supported all of my ideas. Even the crazy ones like when I was 12 and painted a giant black, white and red zig zag on my bedroom wall! Andy is passionate about spacial planning and layout. He is great with numbers which helps when working on floor plans and room layout, furniture placement. 

When renovating a place the first question is: where to start? 

I always start with a digital mood board to create the aesthetic I’m wanting to achieve. Once I’m up to making choices it’s always the flooring I tend to work out first. This may not be the way everyone works but for me once I have my flooring locked in I feel like everything else is a little easier to pull together. 

Where do you usually find inspiration for your renovation projects?

I get inspired by different things at different times. It depends on the project too. Our latest renovation is in QLD and the inspiration came from merging two styles. Along with Australian easy living we have woven some California style into the space, paying homage to the home owner Suzies homeland and state of California. The combining of the two styles creates an aesthetically beautiful space but we are also inspired by togetherness, wellness, and creating spaces for people to relax and feel really connected and comfortable in. 

  1. What's your biggest tip on making renovating an easy and less time consuming process?

Communication with everyone involved. It’s so important. Trades and suppliers, make sure you’re always keeping the conversations going. Ask questions too, the more you know the better the end result will be. Also use samples, and the bigger they are the better. See them touch and feel them. Colours on line can be so different in real life. Visit suppliers where possible. 

  1. When you were decorating and styling the new bedroom, what feeling were you trying to evoke?

I was trying to evoke an earthy aesthetic with raw finishes and textures. I also wanted to add some colour for summer so I combined the blue and peach hues in the linen bedding which were colours in my artwork. 

Why did you choose the Rexit wardrobe and the Rasha bedside tables for your transformation?

I thought that both the wardrobe and bedsides filled the brief of creating earthy, raw texture. The colours of the timber are so beautiful in both pieces too. I call them easy pieces as you know they’ll fit in alongside other choices effortlessly. 

  1. What's in store for DNA Of Design next and where can people find you for more reno tips?

House 1, our So Cal Aussie blend, launches at the end of September with episode one kicking off in a room that is one of our favourite to renovate. I can’t tell too much just yet but be sure to follow our socials and YouTube. @andyanddeb@dnaofdesign

26 Sep 2022, 2:47 p.m.