Remote working is here to stay and it’s never felt more logical to allocate space for a home office.

Our Instagram followers have shared their office décor with us and to give you a head start, we’ve selected six of our favourites to inspire you and make your own. Set aside a nice corner of the house, with natural light if possible, and leave the rest to us!

Small, functional nooks

We love the way this study corner has been decorated. All it takes is one wall, add a shelf to make a table, and with the Nina chair you’ve created your own warm, cosy office space. The white walls combined with the wooden furniture look stunning – it’s the perfect solution for small houses without a lot of room to play with.

Dining room and office space in one

If you don’t have a lot of room, we recommend using your dining table as an office desk. Aim to keep the table clutter-free and organised to avoid distractions and inspire concentration. And don’t forget to keep your work space well ventilated – open the windows and let in plenty of fresh air. The ideas will flow!

A green office

If the calming effect of nature is your thing, this plant-friendly office is full of ideas to steal. Place taller plants beside your desk, smaller ones on top, and get to work in your own lush mini oasis. The green Yolanda chair will tie in just nicely with this theme. And voilà! Your green office is ready to go.

Large, elegant offices

The @viveestudio studio exudes calm and serenity and lets ideas flow freely. The secret is in the effect of all the wooden furniture chosen for this studio ­– interior design classics and versatile enough to adapt to any space. The simple yet elegant Jacques desk attracts all the attention while the accessories come together to create just the effect we’re looking for. If you too have a big office, place large baskets on the floor, add a few plants or textiles and you’ll get the same elegant, sophisticated look.

Light tones for a Scandi-style study

The palette of colours chosen by @bohobuo is soft and elegant. Light shades and neutrals bring warmth and provide a cosy ambiance. They also adapt well to any style, especially Scandi-style interiors. The Aarhus desk with its natural finish and white steel legs combines perfectly in this space where no detail has been left to chance.

A rustic touch

If you can’t resist a bit of rustic charm, wood wins every time. Our choice would be the Nalu desk paired with the Calixta chair to give the space a really warm, homely touch. The 100% PET Rodhe rug adds a touch of colour and the vibrant multi-coloured pattern in the Djelia picture brings the wall to life. Both tie in perfectly with the rest, making for a harmonious overall effect and a cosy nook in which to spend long hours.

With all these creative office ideas from our fans, there really is no excuse not to head home and design your own functional and stylish work space.

20 Jan 2021, 7:31 p.m.