Pictures and prints are the perfect way to decorate your walls and fill your living room with personality. There’s no such thing as rules in art, so feel free to choose whatever you like. Not sure where to begin? Here are some ideas to get you started.


Black and white or full colour

Love monochrome? Or is a full colour palette your thing? Either choice is a good one, but we recommend sticking to it if you’re going to hang more than one picture in your living room.


Hanging or leaning on the wall

Once again, both options work equally well. However, we suggest hanging your framed pictures on the wall while others work better when resting on a surface.


Pictures beyond the living room

Of course! Pictures are a great resource for styling any room, whether you’re decorating your hallway, adding colour to a child’s bedroom, or creating a focal point above your bed.


Pictures with personality

Because art is limitless, pictures can be found in rectangular, square or round shapes. We suggest combining different pictures with straight lines and hanging round ones separately.


Play around with your living room colour palette

Create a sense of continuity between the different elements of your living room by matching their materials, design and colours. Pictures are another great way to apply the same tones and colours in your palette.


Pictures that frame your passion

Have you got a thing for photography, architecture or drawing? Show it off! Choose the most special part of your home and dedicate it to your grand passion with a picture.


Maxi or mini. What does your wall say?

The dimensions of your wall are the deciding factor when it comes to choosing where to hang your frames. Make sure that there’s enough space, and if the wall is very large, avoid putting up small pictures as the expanse of space can diminish them.

18 Jan 2021, 8:36 p.m.